Why GamerWall?

GamerWall gives you some fantastic features with which to enjoy the site. Please let us know if you have any more ideas!

Meet Gwally!
Once you join GamerWall you officially become a Gwally, and like all our Gwallies you enjoy some fantastically exciting benefits including those shown below:
iPhone and Android Compatible
You are able to visit the community on-the-go with a compatible smart phone or mobile device. You will automatically be presented with a mobile version of your site when visiting us.
Your own image gallery
GamerWall gives you a super-easy dynamic image uploader to place your favorite pictures in your own gallery. Gwallies can even TAG their friends in photos. Tagged photos appear in the activity feed, bringing attention to the photos.
Share your videos
You can post your videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or even from your own computer. Gwallies can rate each others videos using a five-star scale. Videos can be attached to yours Wall posts directly into the GamerWall. Gwallies can also post videos directly onto other Gwallies' profiles.
Music sharing and your own jukebox
Gwallies are able to share music to the community and also embed music players on their profiles or directly into The Wall. Gwallies can upload album covers or other art to go along with the playlists they create. When you find music you like in the community, you can add it to your own playlist!
Community Forums
Gwallies can interact with all other Gwallies, whatever Group they are in, within our active forums. Gwallies can chat about their latest gaming activities, gaming news, best games, arrange matches and join clans.
Live Chat and Instant Messenger
Gwallies can send IMs to their friends (or anyone online, if you want to) from a fixed chat bar. A full "buddy list" is included, with each member's photo and online status. Find your room and start chatting!
Blogs! Add your own content and share it with the world
Gwallies can create their own personal blogs. Tell the world what you are doing. Your posts show up in the search engines so its a great way to gain some exposure.
Create your own Groups and social networks!
Groups give you the ability to share and celebrate your mutual interests. Gwallies can create groups for any topic and invite others to join. Each group includes a built-in discussion forum, allowing group Gwally discussion topics!